Snap off the drifting habit!

There are so many times when my mind drifts off to another world which is often blank and white like a piece of paper waiting to be written. It happens when I’m bored at work; it happens when I am travelling in the subway; it happens when I’m eating; it happens when I’m in the … Continue reading

I Am An Introvert and Proud To Be

Sometimes I do envy those who are able to keep conversations flowing continuously and spontaneously because I am shy, timid and soft-spoken. Always taking the backseat approach, I will usually watch and listen while others share their minds. Eventually, I become a reserved and private person, an introvert. Why am I shy, timid and soft-spoken? … Continue reading

How I handle tough people now

If you have read my previous posts, you’d know that my line of work can get quite testy, mainly dealing with people. Though I may not have much multicultural experience, I think it is safe to say that in any country and culture, you are bound to meet Mr. Tough or Ms. Tough. My definition … Continue reading

A “New” Career

When things in life get routine, we feel bored. When we are bored, we explore for new adventures, we seek new thrills and we secretly yearn for some new happenings to make life interesting once more. There are countless of action or activities that one can take on their discovery of “new” depending on the … Continue reading

Hello Mr Challenge! How Can I Help You Today?!

My quest to be positive met Mr Challenge today, and I stumbled. My line of work is very subjective thus it can get really testy. At the end of the day, we believe in delivering equality, accuracy, and gratitude. Due to its subjective nature, we have to setup guidelines and a system to guide and guard … Continue reading

It Never Hurts to Give a Compliment

I am not shy to admit that there exists this thirst inside of me that yearns for quench of acknowledgements or compliments. Sometimes, at the end of a hard day’s work, a “Good job!” or a “Well done!” will suffice to leave me pumped up to come back to work the next day. A genuine … Continue reading

Proving Myself Being Better

Throughout my journey toward positivism, I led a dangerous thought that obliviously poisoned my mind and soul with negative intentions. I was trying to prove myself able to achieve and succeed better than a certain someone. Whoever the certain someone is, the emotion and mood that came with the intention were destructing and distracting my … Continue reading

What Do You Think of Me?

I used to be really bothered by how others perceive and think of me. Not wanting to look stupid, bad, broken, weak, low, unhappy, fat, and unpretty, I tend to be a Miss Perfect. That intention put me in a bad personal growth zone where I ended up being beaten down even harder. When I … Continue reading